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The guesthouse at Tvillingegården contains four double bedrooms devided over two flats, both wih own kitchen and bath. The rooms are let out from day to day or for a longer periods. In connetcion with the guesthouse the terrace overlooks nearby fields and sea.


Double bedroom, ground floor: 500 DKK/night, as of 3rd night 400 DKK/night

Apartment (4 persons), ground floor: 1000 DKK/night, 1 week (7 nights): 5000 DKK

Double bedroom, 1st floor: 400 DKK/night, as of 3rd night 300 DKK/night

Apartment (4 persons), 1st floor: 800 DKK/night, 1 week (7 nights): 4000 DKK

It is possible to buy breakfast and/or other meals upon request.

Herbergervej 20, Vester Kippinge
4840 Nørre Alslev

Telefon +45 54 43 12 16